The Solar Fountain Pump in Garden Ponds and Fountains

A solar fountain pump is a wonderful way to operate any garden or other landscape water feature.

These pumps come in many different varieties that can meet the design needs of just about any garden or yard.

These pumps do not require any electrical wiring such as extension cords or wall outlets to power them. Instead they rely on the sun’s energy to provide all their energy needs since their photovoltaic panels collect the sun’s rays. The energy from the sun is free.


One of the really nice benefits these pumps provide are the soothing sound of running water they produce. They can provide a lot of joy to the homeowner and the garden’s environment for a long time.

These pumps require a little care that is unique to them. But, for the most part they are typically a low maintenance items. In general, these pumps will require periodic cleaning to ensure proper operation.

Most of these pumps only operate during the day when the sun is shining. However, there are fountain pumps that work at night because they have batteries that store energy generated by the photovoltaic panel. For these types of pumps, changing batteries periodically will be part of the maintenance.

Water flow from the pump will vary due to differences in the sun’s intensity and position that changes through out the day. If more power is required to keep water flow consistent, then consider adding another photovoltaic panel to provide more power.

In the event the fountain’s photovoltaic panel is separate from the panel itself, the fountain can be located just about anywhere in the garden. If the panel is an integral part of the fountain, the fountain needs to in direct sun light.

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