The Disadvantages of Solar Power

Even for something that sounds really good there are some disadvantages of solar power. Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages is cost.

The costs of photovoltaic power systems for homes are high. However, incentives that are made available through the government and private entities such as utilities are able to help homeowners overcome that disadvantage of solar power.

Another on of the disadvantages of solar power pertains to the location of your home in relation to the sun. In order to produce electricity the solar panels need to be facing directly to the sun for a considerable amount of time during the day.

Some homes may not have the proper orientation to the sun to accommodate the installation these panels. It is important to study the renewable solar energy resources of the locality where you live and the orientation of the home prior to installing a system.

Another disadvantage is the availability. If there is not sufficient sunlight during the day, your system cannot produce needed energy. You cannot rely on photovoltaic panels at night or in places that tend to be very cloudy for several months.

People who live in warm humid climates such as in the tropics or desert areas can rely on the sun’s energy However, those who experience very long winter months may not get the best effects.

The use of renewable power systems is not always welcomed by the community or municipality. Despite the benefits these systems provide, existing building codes, ordinances and covenants must be followed in order to install a system.

When putting in a renewable type heating system, homeowners may encounter issues pertaining to buildings codes that include:

  • Surpass rated roof load
  • Unsatisfactory heat exchangers
  • Unsatisfactory wiring
  • Forbidden tampering with drinkable water supplies.

In regards to municipal zoning issues, home owners may encounter these problems:

  • Obstructing side yards
  • Erecting unlawful protrusions on roofs
  • Locating the system in close proximity to streets or property boundaries.

On top of all of this, there may be special rules such as community or homeowner’s association covenants that need to be followed. In addition, there may be historic district, flood-plain provisions that can and many times be overlooked.

It is important to find out what the zoning, covenants, ordinances, homeowners association and other applicable provisions are before you purchase and install a solar heating system. Overlooking these will most likely lead to a very expensive mistake that very few people can afford.

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