The Advantages of Solar Energy

Today the advantages of solar energy are being looked at by people around the world.

With their concerns about the environment and global warming, people are looking for ways to help provide a solution to these problems and do their part in making earth a better place to live.

People are now investing in renewable energy because of its known benefits. There are no mines to dig, holes to drill and our oceans, rivers, and lakes are not polluted by this source of energy.

The Advantages of Solar Energy

As long as the earth’s sun shines, the wind will blow, rivers will flow, grass and trees will grow and the currents in our oceans will go around the world. It is because of these reasons that the sun’s energy is considered a renewable source. It’s an infinite source of energy that will never run out during our life times. Take a look at the following video on the advantages of home solar power.

Even though we don’t get sunshine 24 hours a day, we can still take advantage of its energy at night or during cloudy days. We can even expect to keep operating this equipment for years at a time without the need to recharge batteries or replacing parts.

Fossil fuels are not considered a renewable source of energy. Oil, gas and coal are all finite sources of energy; this means they will run out some day or become scarce and increasingly more expensive. Each of these contributes to environmental pollution and global warming.

Solar Home with Solar Panels

Photo Credit: Schroeder, Dennis via National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Advantages of Solar Energy – It Helps the Environment

The sun’s energy is an environmentally friendly source of energy. It does not damage our environment by putting out green house gasses or pollute water, air or land. By using this source of energy, we can expect our air to become cleaner and help turn around earth’s climate change trend that is in part caused by man. This can be accomplished by buying less coal, oil and gas that release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere.

The sun’s energy would also enable us to avoid environmentally damaging oil spills that pollute the ground, rivers, lakes and oceans.

The Advantages of Solar Energy – It can be Cheap and Easy to Purchase

Residential solar energy technologies will last a long time. Now, solar panels have an expected life of 30 years or more if they are maintained properly. Residential solar panels can even be built by a diy solar panels (do-it-yourself) type people and parts can be purchase over the Internet and delivered within days to a home’s doorstep.

In many cases these panels and all the associated parts and accessories can be pretty expensive to purchase initially. However, the energy savings and reduced energy bill over time make this source of energy more attractive as each day passes. The energy provided by the earth’s sun can found all around us, it’s free, and it can not be monopolized by anyone. The only cost to using this form of energy is in the purchase of tools, materials, and/or installation of a home solar power system. Beyond that, the energy is totally free.

The Advantages of Solar Energy – It Can Be Easy To Install

For a knowledgeable do-it-yourself type person, the panels can be delivered in a matter of a days and then be installed in another few. For those who are willing to venture into unknown territory, there is an abundance of books and online resources where they can learn about installing and using this infinite energy source to its fullest advantage. What makes things even better, there are common everyday people all around us who are experts and can assist in providing needed information and the installation of a these systems.

Another Advantage of Solar Energy – Solar Panels Are Reliable

Even though solar panels don’t produce any electricity during the nighttime hours, they can generate enough electricity during the daytime that can often exceed a home’s energy requirements. This excess energy can be placed into the electric utility’s grid via a net metering arrangement that is available with utilities in most if not all states. Under this arrangement, the home owner would either sell or get credit for the excess electricity generated and placed into the utility’s grid system.

This excess energy can be important to the utility in times when there is heavy demand being placed on the its grid and help ease the load on the grid. And by putting electricity back in to the grid, there is opportunity to make a little extra money. Selling electricity and putting it back into the grid is definitely one of the great advantages of solar energy.

Solar Panels Can Raise Real Estate Value of Home

Installing a photovoltaic solar panels on a home can increase its real estate value. This goes to show that people have a positive attitude towards this source of energy and its benefits for lowering energy costs from the utility. This is indeed a great advantage of solar energy at home.

As solar panel technologies improve, manufacturers are addressing architectural design concerns of panels that can blend in very well with the home’s rooftop. Some manufactures have even gone so far in designing solar roof shingles that blend in very well into a home’s design. Not only do these shingles provide energy for the home, they act just like regular roof shingles in protecting against the weather elements from season to season.

PV systems are Easy to Maintain

Photovoltaic solar panels have a service life around 30 years. Most of them have manufacturer warranties that are about 25 years. The upkeep on these systems is negligible for the most part and they require periodic cleaning to remove dirt and grim that collect on the glazing of each panel. A quick squirt of water from a garden hose can easily remove these unwanted materials.

Solar panels are Effective Even in Cloudy Climates

In nations such as Germany, it has been well demonstrated that solar panels can provide ample energy in cold and cloudy climates. In cold climates such as Germany, many days experience overcast conditions where the sun is not seen. Yet, the sun’s energy can still be used by the panels to generate electricity. Solar panels in these climates can help reduce the cost of conventional electric energy received from the utility. Consequently, solar power makes a very good source of energy even when the sun doesn’t shine during daytime hours.

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