Solar Attic Fan

The function of a solar attic fan is to remove heat from the home’s attic and help the air conditioning system to keep the home cool during the summer.

This fan also removes moisture from the attic space that builds up as a result of cooking meals and taking showers. Additionally, an attic fan keeps air moving in that space of the home.

Moisture in the attic space can cause problems for the home owner. It can cause wood to rot, increase the possibilities of mold and mild dew to form and allow the space to harbor harmful bacteria that can cause health problems for the home’s occupants.

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Many homes currently have vents located in the soffit along with ridge vents. Each of these relies on the movement of air in the attic when breezes blow outside. Consequently, there will be times when the air becomes stagnant, heat builds up and moisture accumulates during those times when there is not sufficient outdoor air movement.

An attic fan will provide an environmentally friendly way of removing undesirable heat, moisture and bacteria in the home by using the sun’s energy to power the fan. It will also allow the house to be cooler during the summer months by removing excess heat and allow the home’s air conditioning system to operate more efficiently. This results in the air conditioning system using less energy and to save money on associated energy expenses.

Solar attic fans can be purchase for just about any roof type, they’re easy to install, requires no wring or external electric power source.

Another advantage of an attic fans is that it will extend the service life of the home’s roof by lowering the attic temperature. On a hot summer day, the attic’s temperature can be 150°F or higher. The attic fan can substantially reduce this temperature by as much as 35°F – 40°F in this space. Excess heat in the attic can shorten the roofing material life.

In cold regions of the country, an attic fan can help prevent ice damming. During times where there is heavy snow fall, ice can build up along the eves of the roof. When this ice begins to melt over a home’s heated space, the water runs down the roof and freezes again once it reaches the cold eaves.

This ice will continue to build up, go underneath the singles and eventually into the attic space where it can create a lot of damage to a home’s ceiling, walls and structural materials. The solar attic fan helps prevent or minimize the thawing and refreezing of water.

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