RV Solar Panels – Becoming More Energy Indpendent

RV solar panels offer independence to those who use their recreational vehicles in remote locations.

They also provide a source of energy that is free from polluting our environment. Using the sun’s energy is clean, very reliable, low maintenance and does not have any moving parts that can wear out. Additionally, the photovoltaic panels do not make noise or cause vibration inside the RV vehicle as do fossil fueled generators that many presently RVs use.

Photo of RV with Photovoltaic Panel

Photo Credit: Gretz, Warren via National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Benefits of photovoltaic panels to charge the solar rv battery.

  • They are quiet, do not pollute and easy to maintain and use.
  • They do not create noise.
  • They can extend battery life by keeping batteries charged on a daily basis and help avoid deep battery discharges that shorten their lives.
  • Provide independence from having to be near outside sources of electricity or operating a fossil fueled generator to provide power. RVers can go just about anywhere where their vehicles can go and be independent whether going to the mountains or beaches.
  • Do not require a lot of maintenance. There are not any required oil changes, fuel filter replacements and periodic engine tune-ups like that found with fossil fueled generators. All that is required is keeping the photovoltaic panel surface clean.
  • Photovoltaic panels are reliable and they are safe when installed properly.

Photovoltaic Panel System Components

  • The photovoltaic panels – These panels collect the sun’s energy to generate electricity.
  • Solar Panel mount – A roof mount allows the panels to be mounted to the roof of an RV.
  • Solar Power Charger – this device will regulate the amount of electricity to the batteries so that they are not overcharged.
  • An optional system monitor – A system monitor will allow the RVer to see how well the system is operating.
  • Wiring Harness – The wiring harness carries electric energy from the photovoltaice panels to the RV’s storage batteries.

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