RV Solar Panel Mount

Here, you’ll learn about the RV solar panel mount. As more and more RVs hit the roads, we see more solar panels mounted on the roofs of these vehicles to provide supplemental power.

With an RV solar panel mounted to the roof of the vehicle, owners can save on electric energy from the utility and can park just about anywhere they want without worry.

Installing panels on an RV is not a difficult process. Any competent do-it-yourself person can install these panels pretty easily. All that is necessary are the following: RV Solar panel mount, the panels, screws, an electric drill, wiring harness, laser sight, power charge controller, and a small junction box. If not familiar or comfortable with installing your own system, have a qualified professional installer / RV Center do it for you to avoid problems.

Solar Panel Two

Prior to installing panels on the roof of an RV, it is always a good idea to know how much power the RV will need. It is important to consider all appliances and lighting in the RV along with their operating hours during the day.

By knowing how much energy appliances and lighting will require will determine the amount of power the panels will need to provide.

RV Solar Panel Mounting – A general outline. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions since there is a good chance they may differ from those shown below.

  • Disconnect / turn off all existing power going to the RV. This would include the RV’s generator, power cords coming form the utility, and any other source of power entering the vehicle.
  • During panel installation, make sure to cover them with a blanket, piece of cardboard or other material to block the sun from striking the panels and cause them to generate electricity.
  • Settle on where you intend to install the panels on the RV’s roof. Determine how you plan to install wiring going to the panels and their necessary fittings. Do not install panels along the roof edge. Panels should be situated a reasonable distance from the RV’s roof edge.
  • Use a laser sight or other accurate means to mark the panel position on the RV roof.
  • Use electric drill to drill holes for the RV solar panel mount. Make sure you select the proper drill bit to use. The drill bit must be the exact/same size for the required holes. IMPORTANT: Make sure you do not drill into wiring that may be underneath the RV solar panel mount. Drilling into existing wires can be cause for some expensive repairs and potential safety hazards.
  • Position the mount by using screws on the roofs. Prior to inserting screws use an RV sealant to fill holes/ spaced around screws to prevent leakage resulting form rain and snow.
  • Install panels into the mount and then secure them into place using the hardware provided by the manufacturer of the solar panels.
  • Select a location inside the RV for the regulator. Cut a hole the same dimensions of the regulator or for its control panel.
  • Make the necessary electrical connections from the panels to the regulator with the wiring harness. Make sure all the polarity of the wiring is correct.
  • Make the necessary battery connections from the solar power system regulator with the RV’s battery. Make sure all the polarity of the wiring is correct.
  • Reconnect the solar rv battery.

By now, if you have done every thing correctly according the manufacture’s instructions for mounting panels on your RV, they should already be generating electricity. This system all allow you to park just about anywhere your RV can go to charge the system’s batteries.

Many panel manufacturers sell kits to mount them to roofs of RVs. Initially you may think these are expensive, but they are well worth the investment since they will make installation much quicker and easier. Also consider using deep cycle batteries since they will allow for more reliability and long battery life.

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