Energy Conservation Tips

There are many energy conservation tips the home owner should consider before buying and installing a solar power system.

These tips will assist in reducing the upfront costs of the solar power system and the necessary electric requirements a home needs. It is more economical to make the home as efficient as possible before buying a solar power system.

Obtaining an understanding of how appliances, air conditioning, heating, lighting, and electronics use electricity is important to know before buying a solar power system so it can be sized correctly. Find out more on how you can save energy through:

Appliance Efficiency Tips

Heating and Air Conditioning Conservation Tips

Lighting Efficiency Tips:

Building Envelope Efficiency Tips

Home Energy Audits

As a homeowner, you have the ability to conserve energy and reduce the electric demand the home places on the utility’s system. This can be accomplished through an energy assessment or audit that can be done online. By effectively controlling the energy a home uses, the homeowner can help reduce the greenhouse gasses and keep our air cleaner. And the best part of all, it helps lower the amount paid on utility bills. If you want to take things one step further, the homeowner can also actually measure the amount of electricity saved by new innovative Home Energy Metering that can be purchased in the market place.

Did you know you can do your own home energy audit. Below are two videos that show how you can save energy and money.

Here’s a great affiliate website, full of free information on green concepts and eco-friendly living from people who actually “live it” is! Lots of first hand knowledge they share just for the love of it! They have information on appliances, lighting and air conditioning.

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