Let’s Learn About Home Solar Power Systems

Welcome to Sunup Solar Power! This site was created with home solar power systems in mind along with our mother earth. Earth needs our assistance in becoming healthy again by reducing the use of fossil fuels that hurt our environment.

This renewable source will not only save energy and associated costs, it also provides an alternative way of living; a way to becoming sustainable and becoming much more environmentally healthy.

Here you will learn about solar panels, water heaters, and other technologies that can be used to reduce your home’s impact on the environment.

Why Home Solar Power?

Solar Power for the home gives us all a lot of things to think about.

  • Just imagine the thought of generating your own electricity and being independent of the electric utility .
  • What dos it mean to you to save on your electric bills because of the use of solar power?
  • Does the thought of earning money from your local electric utility sound attractive through the use of net metering?
  • Have you wondered if the investment in these technologies will add value to your home?
  • Does the thought of helping the environment through the use of home renewable energy sound appealing?

If you are visiting this site, then it may be a safe assumption these questions are going through your mind and wondering how you can use this renewable to provide your home’s energy needs. While investigating a home solar power system for the home, why not visit Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency to investigate federal, state and local rebates or incentives for home solar power systems.

This web site is full of great information to help you along in deciding if using the sun’s energy is for you. Information provided here is explained in layman terms to help you make an informed decision on whether to use it for your home.

Investing in renewable energy can be expensive for the typical home owner. It is best to approach this through research before even investing in a system. Buying a system before doing the necessary research is putting the cart before the horse and expensive mistakes can be made if you do not do your homework.

Solar Panel

After you have done your home work, you will find technologies that can and will provide benefits to both the user and the environment.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn about this renewable energy source.

Home solar power technologies can and will provide benefits to both the user and the environment.

If there are questions or comments, feel free to send them via the contact page found in this web site.

And finally, there is also a blog where you can post your thoughts and experiences using this alternative source of energy. This information can be of benefit to others who have an interest in this form of energy. Share your knowledge.

How Does Solar Power Work?
Many folks ask how does solar power work? This is a description of the different types of solar panels and collectors use to power the home or heat water.
The Advantages of Solar Energy
Learn about the advantages of solar energy and how it can help protect our environment, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and help lower energy costs paid to the electric utility.
The Benefits of Solar Power
A brief description of the benefits of solar power in todays world.
The Disadvantages of Solar Power
A brief description of the disadvantages of solar power.
The History of Solar Energy
Lean about the history of solar energy and how it came into use over over the last several hundred years.
Solar Energy Facts
Learn about unique solar energy facts and benefits it provides to man.
What is Solar Power
What is solar power? Learn about the different types of solar power man has used over the centuries.
Home Solar Power System – Active and Passive Solar Systems
A description of the home solar power system that can be use to heat, cool and light.
Active Solar Energy Systems and Their Characteristics
Active solar energy sytem information – putting the sun’s energy to work for you.
The Passive Solar Energy Home
Learn the benefits of a passive solar energy home and how it saves energy.
Residential Solar Energy
Learn about residential solar energy. Here you will find out about different types of solar energy and how you can use them.
Residential Solar Panels
Helpful information about how residential solar panels work to convert sunlight into electric energy for the home. Includes some useful panel mounting tips!
Solar Attic Fan
Discover the benefits of using a solar attic fan to help keep the home cool and to remove moisture and other environmental hazards from the attic space of the home.
Solar Film Panels
Discover a new wave of solar technology. Solar film should make solar systems more affordable for the home owner.
Solar Power Inverter
Discover how the solar power inverter is used in grid tie, stand alone and battery backup solar power systems.
Solar Power Battery
Learn about the solar power battery, its uses and how to maintain for optimum service life.
Solar Power Light for the Home
A description of solar power light for indoor and outdoor use.
Solar Water Heating Systems
A description of solar water heating systems and Collectors for providing homes with hot water.
The Solar Charge Controller
Learn about a solar charge controller and the different types.
The Solar Fountain Pump
A Solar fountain pump is a great way to make water flow in any outdoor garden pond of fountain and save energy.
The Solar Water Pump & Its Applications
Learn about the solar water pump and its applications.
Solar Tracker – Increase the energy output of your photovoltaic system
The use of a solar tracker can increase your photovoltaic system’s energy output by as much as 40%-45% since they allow panels to follow the sun throughout the day.
Considering a Solar Power Installation
A discussion on considerations for solar power installation
Solar Power Cost
Solar power cost is a major consideration for the installation of these systems because of high upfront costs.
Solar Power Calculator
Learn how to use a solar power calculator to estimate the size of system needed and what the economics of the system will be.
The Energy Tax Credit
Learn about the energy tax credit available for the installation of solar energy and thermal systems.
DIY Solar Panels – Build and Install Your Own Solar Power System
DIY Solar Panels – What things need to be considered when doing an DIY solar power project at home.
Grid Tie Systems for the Home
Grid Tie Systems for the Home allow the homeonwer to connect his solar system to the utility grid and can be paid for excess energy the system generates.
Living Off the Grid with Solar Systems
Living off the grid using solar energy allows the homeower to be totally independent from the local electric utility.
Net Metering for Grid Tie Solar Systems
A brief description of net metering arrangements with utilities.
Passive Solar Home Designs
Passive solar home designs offer the homeowner various ways to heat and cool the home naturally or with minimal energy use.
Solar Panel Rental
Discover the benefits of solar panel rental that can make solar power more available to the average homeowner.
Swimming Pool Solar Covers
Discover the benefits of swimming pool solar covers and how they can save energy and money heating swimming pools.
Solar Power Kits
Discover how solar power kits can be a good way to star building a solar power system at home.
Swimming Pool Solar Heaters
A description of swimming pool solar heaters and theri installation and maintenance.
Solar Shingles
Learn about solar shingles that can power the home and their advantages over other photovoltaic systems.
Solar Tube
Learn about the solar tube to provide natural and energy free lighting for interiors spaces of the home.
Home Air Infiltration and Sealing
Learn how to control home air infiltration and sealing those leaks can help save energy and money on your utility bills and improve comfort inside the home..
Energy Conservation Tips for the Solar Home
Learn about energy conservation tips for both the solar and conventional homes.
Landscape Designing to Save Energy
Landscape designing for the homeowner to save energy through the use of trees and shrubs.
RV Solar Panels – Becoming More Energy Independent
Discover how rv solar panels can provide independence from electric utilties and gas generation used in these vechicles.
RV Solar Panel Mount
Learn how to install a solar power system on an RV using a solar panel mount systems.
Solar Power Charger
Learn about solar power charger controllers and how they maintain the charge on RV solar batteries.
Sunup Solar Power Blog
Learn about new solar technologies or new updates to Sunup Solar Power web pages
Tell Us Your Story About your Solar Experiences
Tell us your story and share with people things you feel are important to consider before they buy and install solar technologies.
Home Solar Power Ezine
Subscribe to the Sunup Solar Power Ezine and get the latest news for solar technologies and how they may impact home solar power systems.
Solar Questions Answers
Find out solar questions answers others may have about solar power systems.
What is Your Opinion on Renewable Enegy?
Provide your opinion on why people are converting to renewable energy in homes and business. Is global warming fact or fiction for using renewable energy?
Stained Glass Art
See how stained glass art can be beautifully displaced using sunlight.
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Share your humor by telling us a funny story. It can be on any topic just as long as it does not offend others with racist, vulgarity or othe questionable materials.
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